Who we are?

Ordinary people who want to live in a everyday life. Disabled persons are moms, dads, boys, girls, sisters, brothers, friends, neighbors, co-workers, students and teachers… Every fifth person in about 10 million Hungarians have a disability. But they are also enriching the community and society in which they live as a human being.

Our guiding principle:
In an inclusive society is defined what is “normal” that all members of society must strive for and fulfil. The only thing that’s normal is the fact that there are differences. These differences are seen as enriching society and have no impact on the fundamental right of individuals to participate. The task of society is to create structures in all areas of life that allow members of this society to move freely within it. (Peer-AcT)

People First HU, Hungarian Central Public Benefit Association for Social Acceptance – shortly People First Public Benefit Association Pécs – helps and supports the independent living of disabled people in every level, like live alone, qualification, job, free time, lobby, accessibility.

The association’s membership consists of disabled people as well as their helpers and professionals. We don’t make a difference between man and man, for us is the People First! Our association operates as a first and currently single Hungarian member of an international network in Pécs.

Our speciality and also our strength is that we focus not only on one type of disability. In our association people with all kinds of disabilities add up their experiences, and we learn a lot from each other, and about each other. This diverse team work allows us to see what our task is in every aspect.

In April 2018 the association was completely renewed, new management, new targets, much more active work.  We have local and international projects in theme sensitizing, barrier-free tourism, accessibility, equal opportunities, inclusion.

We are waiting for everyone who accepts, that the difference between people is normal but being a Human is first. Who knows basic human rights and the importance of enforcing it in everyday life. Our members are people with disabilities and their helpers.

The People First advocacy program started in 1968 in Sweden as an organization founded by parents. They’ve chosen this sentence as their motto: “We’re talking instead and for them!” However, this statement didn’t last long because they’ve realized that the disabled people can talk about themselves the best. After that the People First movement became an international network: similar groups has been organized in England, Canada, USA, Germany, Austria…and everywhere since then. Our goal is not to be the only institution in Hungary but come up more and more People First organization.
In addition, our goal is to bring together People First organizations around the world. Therefore, at the beginning of 2023, we took the initiative and coordinator role in this activity.

Would you like to be a member? Do you want to set up a People First organization? Contact us, we are waiting for you!

General Information about us:

The association’s full name: People First HU – Hungarian Central Public Benefit Association for Social Acceptance

President: Veronika Pataki

Address: H-7621 Pécs, Szent Mór u. 16.

Email: info@peoplefirst.hu

Web: www.peoplefirst.hu

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PeopleFirstHun/

Instagram: peoplefirstpecs

Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/@peoplefirstpecs

Tel: +36 30 6621941

Tax number: 18027158-1-02
EU VAT number: HU18027158

Bank account number: MBH Bank 5080010411110299

Court registration number: 02-02-0001955

Year of Foundation: 2008

Our bylaws available by request through info@peoplefirst.hu.