Disabled parking spaces

Data provided by Biokom NKft. April 2021.

❗️On 1. July 2022, the municipal decree on the environmentally friendly traffic order of the city of Pécs and the use of paid parking lots entered into force – 43/2021. (XI.22.).

The main changes:
1. Paying parking zones: there are 2 toll zones in the city, you can use the service with parking meters in different payment methods (coin, card, mobile parking). The fee period starts at 8:00 a.m. on weekdays and lasts until 19:00 in tariff zone I, until 17:00 in toll zone II, on Saturday (except public holidays) in toll zone I and in Sector C of Toll Zone II from 07.00 to 13.00.

2. Traffic-calmed zones: this is the historic downtown, there are no parking meters here. They can be used with a recovery permit, which must be redeemed in advance. A recovery permit can be exchanged at BIOKOM Nonprofit Kft. at the customer service at Pécs, Siklósi út 52.
Guests of hotels also need a recovery permit, three of which can be redeemed by bianco the hotel, in addition, the guest can only wait within his own plot without permission.

3. Limited waiting zones: it is mainly intended to facilitate the parking situation of residents living in streets around the traffic-calmed zone. Ineligible residents are allowed to park free of charge for only 2 hours, which is required to prove the use of a commercially available reel clock.

4. Parking discounts for cars with green license plates have been tightened.  After 1 July 2022, only electric cars will be able to use the toll parking zones free of charge, after prior registration. Registration can be done with a registration certificate sent to the parkolas@biokom.hu e-mail address once. Hybrid cars with green number plates are not allowed to park for free.

The long regulation can only be read in Hungarian at the link below. However, attachments are useful at the end, where street names are also listed and maps are included: 21ren43_211202.pdf (pecs.hu)

In case of further questions, the customer service of Biokom Nonprofit Kft. is available at phone number 72/502-101, or at the  parkolas@biokom.hu e-mail address.