We launched a campaign entitled ‘WHY?’ on Facebook and on our website.

People are helpful and they are curious. They are happy to support us, as long as they know how they can help and understand why certain things need to be in a particular way.

Information can be provided easily and in several forms in today’s world.
In our new campaign we will explain some basic facts concerning the lives of people living with disabilities, because these fact are very often not obvious to the general public.

Topics will include e.g.: Why are disabled parking spaces wider than normal ones? Why and what are guide bars for blind and why do we need them? Why is a hotel room barrier free?

If you would like to help us with ideas to include in the campaign we would love to hear from you. Comment here or e-mail us at info@peoplefirst.hu!


WHY campaign 16: WHY disability terms should be constantly changed?

Why are we fleeing forward, formulating incomprehensibly, instead of educating society??

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WHY Campaign 15: WHY are old aunts with rolling bags “pushing”?

You will also be old, and you will get back what you are giving now.

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WHY campaign 13: WHY do wheelchair users get on the plane first?

You can't travel on the plane with your own wheelchair, and get in there others. So where??

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WHY campaign 12th: WHY are trolley and wheelchair different?

It looks like the two concepts are the same, but there is a huge difference: passivity and activity. You'll understand:

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WHY campaign 11th: WHY don’t all deaf people use the same sign language?

Did you know that the sign languages used by hearing impaired people exist separately in each language?? But why??

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WHY campaign 10th: WHY are „Quiet Hours” a good thing?

Many of autistic people are sensory hypersensitive, for filterless experiences in particular. But this initiative is also enjoyed by non-autistics!

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WHY campaign 9th: WHY can assistance dogs go EVERYWHERE?

Did you know that service dogs support not only the visually impaired? And are they allowed to go anywhere?

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WHY campaign 8th: WHY has Braille writing still a reason to exist?

You didn't know that there is Braille in English, German, etc. And that we can even read sheet music so...

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WHY campaign 7th: WHY you need to talk to a hearing impaired frontwise?

Hearing damage means no way intellectual disability, don't treat so deaf people. Communicate with a little attention can be solved. 

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