Instructions to make it easier to find what you’re looking for

  • There are two ways to access the Accessible Pécs database:

  1. click the Barrier-free Pécs cyan button on the starting page

  2. In the menu of the website there is also the cyan button at the bottom of the Barrier-free Pécs menu

  • THE ENTIRE WEBSITE IS ACCESSIBLE. Click on the small blue icon up on the left to find accessibility options. The photos in the database will be captioned to our visually impaired friends, we are continuously working on it.

  • Start with the Keresés/Filters button..

  • Click on the Select category inscription and you can search the explored locations BY CATEGORY.

We used the following categories, you can scroll with the arrows up and down on the right:

Hiking trails
Near Pécs
Public institutions
Public toilet

Select the category (e.g. restaurant) and click on it, and then click Apply Filters to get all the restaurants we’ve explored.

IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR A SPECIFIC PLACE, see What are you looking for? box, type the name of the place. (e.g. Almalomb). With the Apply Filters button you can see what we’ve described and photographed from that location.

  • You can use the Reset Filters button to delete the criteria, the category you’ve set up so far, or if you’ve already typed something in What are you looking for? box. To start all over again, click Keresés/Filters, and then click Apply Filters. This will do the same as if you had loaded the database page for the first time.

  • BACK, FIND NEW: If you’ve looked at one location but are looking for another, use the Vissza / Go back link in the upper-left corner of the location’s listing.

You can also use your browser’s Back button, which has the same function.

To search under completely different criteria, click Keresés/Filters, and then click Apply Filters

  • Click on the location that appears to see the PICTURES we’ve taken. We always try to present a location from several sides to determine if it can be personally available to you. Click on the small pictures below the big picture to see them in large.

  • Below the pictures you will find the DESCRIPTION, the LOCATION ADDRESS and the MAP to find the location.

You can get more information about the location’s own website.

Finally, we indicated whether there is an accessible TOILET.

  • BACK TO HOME PAGE and other menus can be reached by clicking on the People First header or People First inscription on the left.

  • It is very important, that under each description YOU CAN WRITE YOUR OWN OPINION AND EXPERIENCE about the given location, you will help others a lot with it in the future!
    You can do this under “Add review” below the description.
    First, rate the location with stars in “your rating”. The more stars you select, the better and more accessible you rate this location.
    Then, in the box labeled “write your review” briefly write your own experiences of the given location. The goal should always be to give guidance to others!  Don’t scold, just be helpful.
    Then click on the “Submit review” black button.
    You will immediately receive a feedback that your review has been received, it will be reviewed than published.
    If you would like to send your own photo(s) of the location, you will not be able to do so here, but we look forward to receiving your photo(s) to the and we will upload it.
  • Pages CAN BE PRINTED, so you can take them with you if you need to.

  • The database is MOBILE-FRIENDLY, meaning you can search on your mobile phone in the same way like using a computer and see the entire database.

If you have any questions, please contact us: