A hotel széles, tágas bejáratát látjuk. Két oszlop között széles hely, sima kőburkolatú talaj, középen egy nagy kültéri szőnyeggel. Kontrasztos padlózat, vakvezető sáv nincsen. A bejárat automata, két szárny nyílik ki automatikusan. Padka, lépcső nincsen.

Corso Hotel

One of the most high-quality, modern four-star hotels in Pécs, it is located in a great location in the downtown of Pécs, at the end of the pedestrian street, from where everything is conveniently accessible.

A hotel that finally had a lot of accessible rooms, but this has a strange, difficult-to-interpret history: they used to have 4 exemplarily accessible rooms, which were changed due to the wishes of some hotel guests who spoke negatively and the resulting negative perception.
Currently, 3 rooms are partially barrier-free, that is, the doors and the dimensions of the room are still comfortable, the beds are higher, but in the bath the handrails around the toilet have been dismantled and a bench has been built around the shower.
One room is still completely accessible (the 109)., this meets all possible accessibility requirements. This applies to the height of the beds, the alarm bell next to the bed, the comfortable size of the room and the perfect barrier-free equipment of the bathroom.
But again, just one room in a big hotel.

The entrance is photocell, no threshold was found.
The elevator is a comfortable size, with Braille subtitles, but not with loud announcements.
There is also a perfectly accessible toilet next to the reception, which is politely allowed to be used even by people with disabilities who do not come in as guests.

The restaurant is also barrier-free, it is located one level down, it can be reached without problems by elevator.

The attitude and kindness of the staff is exemplarily accessible.

There is no separate accessible menu and no accessibility assistance on the hotel's website. We could not find a detailed, picture description of the accessible room either. A brief description of accessibility can be found in the Guest Information submenu of the Services menu under the heading Accessibility.
As a visually impaired person, you can use a screen reader to interact with the page perfectly well. However, the images cannot be viewed, as no description has been made in any way for the visually impaired.

Getting there:
by bus: departing from the railway station by buses 20, 38Y, 39, 40, 13Y, 15. You have to get off at the stops "48-as tér" or "Búza tér" (depends on the bus line). From both stops the hotel can be reached barrier-free in 2-3 minutes. Sidewalks and zebras are accessible everywhere, with tactile signs for the visually impaired in most places at the zebra. Pay attention to the fact that the sidewalk is accessible only at the two corners of the building. Arriving from Búza tér, the sidewalk on the side of the hotel gives us some surprises, we tried to show it in the pictures.

by car: there is no own parking lot, it is possible to stop in front of the building for a short time. There is no barrier-free access to the sidewalk here, only the sidewalk is rounded at both corners of the building. There is paid parking lot on the right side of the hotel, or with disabled card can be parked free of charge.


7626 Pécs, Koller u. 8.
Accessible Toilet

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