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Interspar Hipermarket

Interspar was completely rebuilt in 2022, while also getting a useful neighbor: it is located in the same building as the OBI DIY store. We visited both locations in February 2023, so we also provide fresh and much more detailed information about Interspar Hypermarket.

The renewed Interspar Hypermarket is located in the densely populated part of Pécs. We started from the barrier-free parking lots, of which there are 13, clearly painted and signposted. The photocell entrance to Interspar can be reached on a flat paved pavement. The entrance is at the same level height. For visually impaired people, tactile marks can not be found either outside or inside the store.

Entering through the automatic front door, you will find several shops in front of the Insterspar storefront. To the right of the entrance is the Drogerie Markt (DM), and to the left is the bistro Spar To Go and a pharmacy.

The barrier-free toilet is located next to the pharmacy, marked with inscriptions, in the northern part of the building. It opens with a code, which can be requested at the reception at the cash registers. Its keyboard is easy to use.
The WC is wheelchair friendly and equipped with the appropriate tools: emergency alarm, soap dispenser, handrail next to the toilet. Interestingly, the height of the washbasin can be adjusted with the help of a lever so that it can be properly placed under it by a wheelchair.

The renewed Interspar retail space is extremely spacious, fully barrier-free, with plenty of wheelchair access. There are no tactile signs for the visually impaired, Braille inscriptions, or an induction loop for the hearing impaired. To make up for this, employees can help people with disabilities with shopping in response to special needs.
In the central part of the store space are now the food counters providing personal service. With wheelchairs, we could use the shelves without doors and the refrigerators with outward opening doors. The cash registers operate in traditional and self-service versions, both of which required and received the help of the staff.

It can be used for disabled people, but it does not have a separate accessible menu item. As a visually impaired person, it is quite transparent, the products can also be viewed with a screen reader.
According to the store, online ordering is possible in this way: a drivein service can be launched online, i.e. you can order the desired products and go to the store to pick them up. In front of Interspar there is a car park painted red, where after typing the codes, the selected order is delivered.

Getting there:
by bus 6, 7, 7Y, 8, 23Y, 24 from Árkád Mall, and buses 41, 42, 43 from the Bus station. Get off at the "Béke utca" stop. From the bus stop 5-6 minutes walk, the pavement, zebra barrier-free.

by car via Siklósi út to the large parking lot shared with Interspar. The 13 disabled parking lots with pictograms, highlighted in colour and clearly marked with signs can be used by both OBI and Interspar customers. Disabled parking is about 50 m away from the entrance of the two stores.


7622 Pécs, Siklósi út 37
Accessible Toilet

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