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Konzum Áruház/Store

Old store with cheaply priced products.
The Konzum Store was completely renovated in spring 2021. The modernization extended to the construction of another entrance from Rákóczi street. Two of the current three entrances are accessible: the new Rákóczi street mentioned, but due to the proximity of the bus stop the external entrance is not automatic, which causes difficulty to get in. The entrance from Kossuth square is completely accessible with automatic doors. By the entrance from Konzum office building are stairs, not accessible.

On the ground floor there is the Coop grocery store, with wide distances between the shelves. The entrance is accessible by a strange solution through a rotary entrance, which is not accessible by wheelchair, stroller or for elderly people. At our request a sign was displayed in Hungarian and English in a prominent way, so clearly showing that these target groups can get in at the pay-desks without hindrance.

You can get to to the store space upstairs by an accessible elevator. Although the elevator is new, it doesn't have Braille writing or a loud announcement. The old elevator at the entrance to Kossuth square was also in use, partly accessible (Braille writing is on the buttons, but there is no loud announcement).

In the store area you can travel comfortably, there are wide distances between the counters, the sellers came to our aid immediately without request.
The pay-desks are also available from wheelchairs.
There is no accessible fitting room, but on the first floor in the dress department the two rearest cabs are wider than the others (137x49 cm).

There is no guide lanes for visually impaired people anywhere in the building, we have sent a professional proposal to the manager for the subsequent installation of this.

There is no customer toilet in the building. An accessible toilet is available in the underground car park in Kossuth square, and guests of Konzum café can also use it. The toilet in Kossuth square can be accessed right in front of the building, it can be reached by elevator, which includes Braille writing, no loud announcements here either. The accessible toilet served at our last visit (May 2021) as a sort of depot, but at our request in July 2021 the non-sunken cleaning equipment was unloaded, which we thank you very much for! Let's hope we can make this state permanent.

Getting there:
by bus almost all city bus stops here, you have to get off at "Konzum áruház" or "Árkád" stops. Most of the buses in Pécs are accessible. Sidewalks and zebras are accessible.

By car, there are 8 parking facilities in the underground car park in Kossuth square.


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