A Tudásközpont impozáns épülete kívülről. Egy nagy szürke kockát képzeljünk el, amelyet mintha ívben kicsit meghajtottunk volna a közepén. Körülötte ápolt park.

Tudásközpont, Library and Knowledge Centre

In 2010, Pécs was awarded the title of "European Capital of Culture", which had a great impact on the development of the city. The 13,000 square meter, four-storey Knowledge Centre, fully known as the South Transdanubian Regional Library and Knowledge Centre, was also built at this time, which brings together several previously separate libraries. The building with its pleasant atmosphere soon became a favorite meeting and reading place of the people of Pécs and the students studying here.
As several libraries moved into the building, library services were also harmonized. Thus, with one library card, the reader can visit and borrow several places. The libraries can be visited with a permanent ticket or a day ticket.

In addition to libraries, the Knowledge Centre also has a music library, an excellent self-service restaurant (Teleky Bistro), a conference room for 250 people and an event room, not only for readers.

The Knowledge Centre can be approached from two directions without barriers:
from the northern main entrance (closed until autumn 2023 due to renovation work),
and from the south side from the parking.
You can enter through a doorstep without a threshold on both sides. In addition to rotating doors with sensors, there are also "regular" doors, next to which there is a bell with a clearly visible barrier-free pictogram. Thus, if necessary, the security guard can help. In front of the main entrance on the north side, there is a ramp leading up to the door, which slopes slightly.

Arriving from the parking lot we arrive on the minus 1st level, where there is a reception, a restaurant, a conference room, barrier-free toilet, elevator and bookstore. This is the level that performs community functions.

Coming from the northern main entrance we arrive at the large lobby, there is the security service and registration. Both also have a lower counter section for wheelchair users. Two automatic book return desks nearby are placed too high for wheelchair users and can only be used with assistance.
There is also an event room on this floor.

Above the staircase connecting the two levels, a special curiosity can be seen, the so-called Beehive covered with 60,000 colourful Zsolnay ceramics. The cladding is the largest uniquely designed, continuous ceramic tile in modern Hungarian architecture.

The cloakroom is free of charge and is located on level 0. The cloakroom counter is accessible, wheelchair can easily stand next to him and hand over clothes intended for safekeeping. In addition, there are two rows of valuables lockers, the ones in the bottom row are easily accessible from a wheelchair. Next to the cloakroom there is also an accessible toilet.

Subdivision of the building:
The free-shelf spaces, the reading areas, the magazine reading area, and the study areas were created on the 1st to 3rd floors of the building. The music library is located on the 4th floor.
Barrier-free toilets are available on all levels.
In detail:
Deep ground floor: restaurant, large lecturer, bookstore, bookbinding, technical management.
Ground floor: Beehive, cloakroom, conference room, technical management, IT center.
1st floor: Books on literature and linguistics, collection of local history and nationality.
2nd floor: Scientific collections.
3rd floor: Library of Law and Economics.
4th floor: Music and children's section, roof garden.

On the floors of indoor spaces we find guide strips for the visually impaired.
There is no induction loop for the hearing impaired.

There is plenty of space in the reading area, so you can move comfortably between the bookshelves with an electric wheelchair. There are traditional bookshelves, you can roll next to them in a wheelchair, you can pick up books from the lower shelves independently.
The library has nearly 1200 audiobook collections, a mix of literary and music.

There is also an elevator between the floors. The elevators are large enough for wheelchairs (two manual wheelchair users, one electric wheelchair), all buttons have tactile Braille lettering and speak information aloud.

On each floor there are accessible toilets that meet all needs, on the doors of which an adjustable sign can indicate occupancy.

Accessible version is available on the website, and under the Services menu item you will be informed about the accessible options. For example, you can read about the many technical aids on the first floor, or about moving around the building.
As disabled in movement, the site is easy to operate, the menu items are well distributed, located one below the other, so they can be handled with little wrist movement. It is also possible to adjust the font size.
As a visually impaired person, things are not so good anymore. Although the information is legible, the menu items and the main content are not clearly separated, navigation points such as headings, regions are missing, some menu items and links cannot be activated. The structure of the site is inconsistent and not user-friendly. Accessibility standards are not sufficiently applied.

Getting there:
by bus, you have to get off by bus at stop "48-as tér". From here, it is a 5-7 minute walk to the northern, main entrance of the Knowledge Center. Zebras have recessed benches, and partly guide lanes also help them find their way.

by car, behind the Knowledge Centre building there is a flat, smoothly paved, free car park with 250 parking spaces. There are 4 disabled parking spaces marked with signs and pictograms about 30 meters from the entrance.


Pécs, Universitas u. 2/A, 7622
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