A Kisdzsámi elölről, látszik mennyire beékelődik a Megyei Kórház épületei közé.

Yakovali Hassan Pasha’s Mosque/Small Mosque

The people of Pécs call the Turkish-era church built in the 1630s "Small Mosque". This is the only mosque in the country with a minaret!
Moreover, if you look inside the building, you will find so many original Turkish wall paintings in the dome, which is rare even in Istanbul.
The Small Mosque has been open to visitors again since 2023. The Turkish state also helped the appearance with 16th-century interior-like furnishings.
Since Pécs was also under Turkish occupation for 150 years, several mosques once operated here. However, all of them were created by the rebuilding of Christian churches. But, the Small Mosque was originally built as a mosque.

It is a bit to look for as a tourist, as it is tightly surrounded by the buildings of the County Hospital. The hospital buildings were once the walls of the dervish monastery, which housed an imaret (poor kitchen) and a madrassa (religious college).
However, it is worth searching and finding, because we can find specialties inside and out. From the outside, we have already spoken. Inside, we can say, for example, that in Pécs attention was paid to the acoustics of buildings already in the early 1630s. The cupola appears to have holes inside, but they are inverted jugs carved into the dome to enhance the sound of the place of worship. The mouths of the jugs were plastered to serve as a membrane to improve acoustics.

From the point of view of accessibility, the Small Mosque can be visited, but wheelchair users prefer to do so with help.
For visually impaired people arriving on foot, there are guide lanes on the sidewalks. Unfortunately, these are no longer inside the listed building, nor are there Braille inscriptions or audioguides.
The induction loop is also not for the hearing impaired.
The entrance is barrier-free, width enough for a wheelchair and there is no threshold.

The visitor arrives at the reception, from where the guided tour also starts.
In addition to the reception room, there are two larger rooms and a corridor that also functions as an exhibition.
One of the large rooms is the place of worship itself, the other is a mirrored exhibition hall that showcases the Mevlevi dervish culture, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
It is interesting that in the "Hall of Senses" we can get into such a special connection with life during the occupation of the 16th and 17th centuries, as if we were there, touching all our senses, through sight, hearing, taste and touch. The historical journey of exotic spices is also recommended for visually impaired guests.
The two rooms are connected by the corridor.
We were wheelchair accommodated, but overall we consider the listed building to be partially barrier-free. In addition to the shortcomings already mentioned, to get through an not entirely regular, quite steep ramp and a higher threshold, you definitely need help with a wheelchair. These could be solved with mobile ramps, but the maintainer referred to the lack of money (nota bene: according to experts, monumental buildings in Hungary should also be made accessible, since the goal is to visit them!).

In the back garden of the mosque, which is also a graveyard, we can admire the towering, 30-meter-high minaret. We enter the garden through the side door opened on request, which is barrier-free.

The description on the website of the National Heritage Development Non-profit Ltd., which operates the Small Mosque, can be clearly read as a visually impaired person and can also be used as a disabled person in motion.

Getting there:
by bus, you have to get off by bus at the stop "Kórház tér". The pavement is barrier-free, tactile signs help the visually impaired. The zebra is also barrier-free, with a recessed curb, and tactile signs.

by car, there are 2 disabled parking lots directly on the corner of the hospital, on Garai Street. Visitors with disabled cards can park on the sidewalk in front of the entrance, where 4 cars can be accommodated.


7623 Pécs, Rákóczi út 2.
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