ARTcoWORKers Erasmus+ international project

Project title: ART coWORKers, (Arts and People with disabilities – cooperative digital working for inclusion during the pandemic)

Project period: 01.04.2021. –  31.03.2023.

Supporter: Erasmus+ KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices, KA227 – Partnerships for Creativity

Partner organisations:

VSBI Verein zur sozialen und beruflichen Integration e.V., Germany

KOPF, HAND und FUSS gemeinnützige Gesellschaft für Bildung mbH, Germany 

People First Egyesület – Pécs, Hungary 

Citizen’s Association for Multimedia Art Theater, Creativity and Culture SHADOWS AND CLOUDS Skopje, The Republic of North Macedonia 

Ivett Mityók-Pálfalvi, Netherlands

Project summary:

With the project, we want to equip people with disabilities with the necessary instruments and skills to find creative and innovative solutions against the risk of exclusion and isolation, but also against the social challenge of ensuring the inclusion of people with disabilities even in the pandemic. In particular, opportunities are sought for how the cultural and creative industries can face these social challenges and make their own contribution to overcoming the pandemic. Special consideration should also be given to creatives and artists with disabilities.

Article 30. of the UN CRPD guarantees the right of people with disabilities to participate in cultural life and to develop and utilise their creative, artistic and intellectual potential, as both amateur and professional artists.

As a result of the Covid-19 crisis, many people with disabilities in Europe were once again discriminated against and often referred to as a risk group. Many people with disabilities were considerably restricted in their freedom, they could neither meet friends nor relatives, and there was no social control in the facilities by visitors and relatives. As a result, many residents suffered from enormous psychological stress, loneliness, hospitalization and depression. 

But also people with disabilities, who live independently in their own homes are still particularly affected by the pandemic. 

On the other hand, the cultural and creative industries were also affected by significant restrictions and lockdowns by unemployment and no incomes. Artists and cultural workers with disabilities are particularly affected, too. 

Therefore we saw a need for a transnational project, which organises on one hand an exchange of experiences of people with disabilities and the arts and cultural industry from different countries. On the other hand we find the manifold resources and creativity of the stakeholder groups, which shall be manifested through cooperative training in arts and culture, how to claim for equal rights and self determination, to overcome the restrictions of the pandemic and to cooperate in a fair manner to create new business, employment and incomes. 

The project will produce five core outcomes: 

  1. The ART coWORKers methodology 
  2. The ART coWORKers Course for people with disabilities in the field of active citizenship and creative work 
  3. The ART coWORKers Performing arts – Shadow theater (6 shadow theatre plays) 
  4. The digital ART coWORKers Tool Box 
  5. The ART coWORKers Marketing Plan – Creating the message 

Main project activities are working at the core outcomes, organising joint staff training and blended mobilities for adult learners with disabilities, transnational project meetings, stakeholder workshops and a final conference. 

In the project are five partners from four European countries (HU, DE, NL and MKD) involved. 

In the partnership are cooperating together inclusive adult learning experts for people with disabilities), self-representation organisation of people with disabilities, pedagogical and training experts , a artists and theatre union as well as a specialist in creative and inclusive coworking and virtual topics. This variety of geographic, structural and business diversity makes the consortium very competent and strong. 

The project will have the following main impacts:

  • The involved people with disabilities are empowered and skilled to use arts and theatre play for self-representation and getting equal rights during a pandemic but also in other situations of discrimination. 
  • People with disabilities will have a better and equal access to adult learning opportunities especially to digital learning. 
  • The broader local, regional and national public and the political decision maker are better informed about the UN CRPD, the rights of people with disabilities in general and during pandemic and they have started to reduce the discrimination and segregation of people with disabilities in institutions and at home. 
  • The cooperation between adult training organisation and arts and culture business shall lead to reinforcement of creativity in non-formal and formal education. New skills and competences are created in both sectors. 
  • The involved arts, culture and creative industry will find new business and job opportunities together with people with disabilities. 
  • People with disabilities get a chance to work as artists and in the cultural sector.

The main task of the Hungarian partner (the People First Association) is the number 5. outcome, i.e. to create the marketing plan and the project’s message to society. 

In addition, final conference and the transnational theatre play will be organized by People First in Berlin, as well as the blended mobility training with trainees .

We are also responsible for dissemination activities, providing quality information to the target audience from the beginning, especially in newsletters and social media. 

Networking, a partnership that connects participants in the arts and culture sectors, people with disabilities, human rights organisations and the social/creative economy, is also led by People First.

We will work together with several local NGO’s active in the arts to implement the project.


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