The training is complete, the project development starts

Now the “Walk in Our Shoes” project will be really exciting! 🙂
The third training session held yesterday (05.12.2023) concluded the online training, during which the People First Association prepared the Polish partners Sowelo and the Czech partner EYCB to create a sensitizing city tour similar to the Hidden City Tor-Tour.

In addition to the project coordinators, the online trainings were attended by people working in the future Czech and Polish sensitization projects, people with disabilities, future tour guides and organizers. During the interactive trainings in a good atmosphere, we managed to get to know each other and the project better.

Now the Czech and Polish partners are developing the methodology and variations of their own sensitizing city tour, defining their target groups and marketing methods. In addition to the training, the training material developed by the People First Association will help them with this, in which they can find detailed information, suggestions and experiences.

By February 2024 we will see what great ideas our Czech and very active Polish partners come up with. We’re excited to look forward to it!
Of course, the experts of the People First Association will mentor the work of the partners throughout, we will hold monthly or on-demand online meetings.

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