WHY campaign 1: WHY is a disabled parking spot so wide?

Disability vehicles are often larger by design, as wheelchairs have to fit in them.

The size of the front passenger door and how wide it can be opened is a crucial aspect: the wider the door opens the easier it is to roll close to the car and get into the front passenger seat. However to do this you need room. This is (only) one of the reasons why disabled parking spots are so wide.

To get into the front passenger seat you need someone to help. The wheelchair needs to be right next to the car and there has to be extra room for the person helping.
Getting into the seat is an art in itself and most of us have developed our own tricks. One thing is for sure though, it requires space, time, lots of patience and calm circumstances. The helper and the disabled person need to coordinate every single movement, and this requires lots of space.

When arriving in a van, a ramp needs to be attached either to the side or the back of the car for the disabled person to get out. This requires space too.

Thank you for our member Koppány Zoltán the description!

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