A liget dús, színes fákkal, az árnyas sétánnyal, mellette a tóval látszik a képen.


The Balokány district is located in the southeastern part of Pécs, on the outskirts of the city center. In 2010 the district was already undergoing a dynamic transformation once within the framework of the European Capital of Culture project, and in June 2022 with exemplary urban cooperation the Balokány-grove was renewed and made accessible!

Let's first look at a little history, as the Balokány-grove is an emblematic site of Pécs:

The name Balokány originally meant a marshy meadow, it got its name from the Croatian (Bosnian) population. Later, the area was a large clay pit that served the city's brick burning factory. When this ceased, springs burst forth at the bottom of the pit.
Well, this is how the long-famous city bathing life started here!
In 1933 the most modern city beach of the time was opened here and was the most popular summer residence of the people of Pécs until the '80s. Then, unfortunately, they closed and let everything that was there, including the grove park next to it, completely ruined. Since 2010, the development of the grove has started on the initiative of local civilians, and we are finally able to report on the results of this with pleasure. A typical city park has become the Balokány-grove again, where you can take a pleasant walk, a small excursion, have fun, have a coffee, enjoy cultural programs - barrier-free.

The grove has been practically completely renewed as a result of the exemplary cooperation of the Association for Balokány-grove, the Municipality of Pécs and Biokom City Management Ltd. The residents of Pécs also submitted their proposals, most of them wanted a playground and landscaping. Both were accomplished. In addition, the auditorium next to the lake stage was reconstructed, the promenade around the lake received a new covering – you can approach the grove with a stroller or a wheelchair – the fountains have been renovated, new street furniture, trash cans and even bird feeders have been removed.
The legendary Pepita Bar has a permanent buffet, with a terrace under shady trees in summer (the terrace has one accessible place, but we are already working on enlargement), boating on the small lake during festivals, and colorful cultural programs have resumed.
In September 2023, the old Pécs tram wagon also arrived in the park of Balokány-liget.The useful, smart use of this is decided jointly by NGOs working in the Pepita community space, including the People First Association.

According to the exploration of our expert team, the Balokány-grove can be enjoyed accessible as follows:

The grove can be reached without barriere from two routes: from the university's Faculty of Arts, from Basamalom Street. This promenade takes you all the way to the Kodály Central, but beware, at the end a 5-7 centimeter bench can cause difficulties.
From the direction of the Kodály Center we reach directly to the auditorium of the barrier-free stage. Wheelchair users arriving by car can only use this entrance, they can leave the car in accessible parking lots. There are four accessible parking lots at the Kodály Center and one on the west side of the grove.

There are also two ramps leading up to the stage, a narrower one for moving the technique it is about 85 centimeters wide, and a wider ramp for wheelchair performers it is about 1 meter wide. The auditorium is also walkable with a wheelchair.

The promenades of the grove are also barrier-free. At the end of the longer promenade from the Faculty of Arts there is a long S-bend, high-quality ramp with a small inclination, which is 40 m long. However, the exit on the side of the Kodály Center is not barrier-free, there is a 2-3 cm bench at the end, in addition, the ground is gravelly. It cannot be used with a wheelchair, we have indicated that it needs to be redesigned.

A small part of the buffet terrace has barrier-free pavement.

Access to the building is accessible, there is no threshold, spacious community space welcome visitors. 

There is also an accessible toilet here, with a baby diaper, and emergency bell.

For our visually impaired friends tactile lanes are not found in the grove area, nor in the building. 

Getting there:
by accessible buses 2, 2A, 4, 4Y, 14, 15, 20, 60, 60A, you have to get off at the stop "Zsolnay negyed". Bus stops and zebra crossing are also barrier-free.

By car, it is easiest to choose the parking lot of the Kodály Center, which is in the immediate vicinity of Balokány-grove. There are four accessible parking lots at the Kodály Center and one on the west side of the grove.



7630 Pécs, Zsolnay Vilmos u. 44
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  • Pataki Veronika

    It is a typical example of accessibility that is good for several social groups at once. Many people ride bicycles in and through this park. Because of the playground, many families with small children and strollers visit it. Because of the People First Association events, many people with disabilities arrive. More and more older people come here for a walk after the concerts of the Kodály Center or to see the piece of the former Pécs tram exhibited in the park. Accessibility is important to all of them.

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