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Ciszterci Ház

The Cistercian House in Pécs is a church-owned accommodation in the most beautiful part of the city, opposite the cathedral, on St. István’s square. The pilgrim's house and visitor centre of the Cistercian Abbey of Zirc in Pécsit also hosts an exhibition on the history of religion. The accommodation has one accessible single apartment, this is the room A6. 

The entrance to the beautiful old building is also old and heavy, so it is not barrier-free, it can only be opened with help. The car entrance leading to the inner very nice closed courtyard is cobblestone, which can be shaky as a wheelchair user or with a stroller. The inner parking lot can accommodate up to 5 cars, there is no separate accessible parking. 

In the closed courtyard there is an accessible toilet for hotel guests and visitors to the religious history exhibition.

The only single accessible ground floor room of the accommodation can be accessed through the courtyard without barriers, but we draw attention to the cobblestone pavement and a slight small slope.

The accessible apartment consists of a single bedroom and a private bath opening from it. Indoors it is also convenient to turn around in a wheelchair. It is not possible to sit completely close to the table in the room with an electric wheelchair, a manual chair can still fit under it. The height of the bed is 55 cm, which is suitable for a wheelchair. There is an emergency room right next to the bed.
IT IS IMPORTANT that there is no 24-hour reception, so after the opening hours (on working days from 11.00 to 18.00) there is no one to answer the emergency call! This is also prominently indicated on the website in the Accommodation section. They ask that guests with disabilities only arrive accompanied for this reason! The attendant is provided with separate, single accommodation right next to the accessible room.

The barrier-free bath with motion-sensing lighting is spacious, the shower is without a tray, it has a shower chair.
The toilet is fixed on the side of the wall and equipped with a folding handrail on the other side.

In the room opposite the accessible room is the chapel, usable by guests at any time. The chapel is barrier-free, at its entrance the threshold does not exceed 2 cm, the flooring is parquet, the interior is spacious.

Further down the corridor you will find the equipped kitchen and dining room for hotel guests, however, the kitchen is not accessible, as there are 3 stairs here. Only the attendant can use the kitchen appliances here for food preparation. 

There is no guide lane for the visually impaired in the area of the accommodation, there is no Braille inscription on the information boards, except for the description placed at the entrance, but the inscriptions on it are also very faint and cannot be read.

The property does not have an induction loop.

The hotel's website is available in Hungarian, English and German. There is no separate accessible menu item, nor an accessibility icon. In the Rooms menu item there is a mention of the accessible apartment, however, a more detailed description and photo can not be found.
From a visually impaired point of view it is possible to orient oneself on the page. The text parts are clearly legible and the navigation with the address line makes browsing convenient and faster. However, images are extremely obstructive to navigation for the visually impaired using screen-reading software because they are not captioned. You can select options when booking a room, but the screen reader will pop out of the optional list box.

Getting there:
by bus from the railway station by buses 7, 7y, 3, 6, 8, 30y, you have to get off at the “Zsolnay-szobor” stop. From there we reach the accommodation in a 10-minute walk. The sidewalks of Váradi Antal street are bumpy, not accessible, it is recommended to come on the road, car traffic is not significant. 

by car it can be reached from Kórház tér/Rákóczi út. Since the accommodation is located in the historic city center, permission is required for entry. You can drive into the accommodation by car, but you can't park on the street and in the square, you have to stop in the inner courtyard.
There are three parking spaces in front of the nearby Aranycipó bakery, which can be used with a disabled parking card.
There is no accessible parking in front of the accommodation, the nearest one-piece barrier-free parking lot is located on the corner of Ferencesek street - Váradi Antal street.


7624 Pécs, Szent István tér 6.
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