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Dráva Hotel Thermal Resort

Harkány is a town with a mediterranean climate at the foot of the Villány Mountains, famous for its European-renowned medicinal water. One of the most well-known hotels the Drava Hotel Thermal Resort is located in the center of the town, next to the Spa in Harkány, in a huge green, wooded area, in a quiet, green environment. The special feature of the hotel is, that it has two accessible rooms and two additional accessible apartments! They are open to the development of accessibility, the hotel management contacted us themselves with the need to participate in the database and to advise on accessibility.

It should be mentioned that the Drava Hotel is also a popular class trip venue, so they are waiting for student classes where accessibility is an advantage for any student.

The entrance to the hotel has a photocell-automatic door, lies in the same plane as the street front with only minimal ascent. The height of the reception desk is also adequate from a wheelchair, the staff are willing to help with all matters.
The reception does not have an induction loop.
There is no blind guide lane on the hotel grounds.

On the ground floor there is an accessible toilet next to the reception, which has a 360-degree turn area and an emergency call. There is also a fold-down changing table.

On the ground floor there is the restaurant, there are no noticeable differences in the level, moving is also easy with a wheelchair. They can offer solutions to all kinds of food intolerances and diets. There is also a children's corner in the restaurant.

The spacious interior massage and wellness area is located to the left of the entrance, it is largely accessible and usable, with exceptions. The height of the massage beds is fixed, so it is necessary to use help as a person with a disability. The indoor experience pool with a temperature of 29-33°C is equipped with a hot tub, neck massage, Jacuzzi, adventure tower and swimming strip, but unfortunately it does not have a lifting device. The use of one of the saunas is also made more difficult by a wooden staircase, the another sauna can be used without obstacles. In the wellness section the showers for the dressing room are equipped with trays, they are not accessible.  However, if required, the accessible room is opened, the shower there can be used.

There is also a staircase and an elevator leading upstairs, where the two accessible rooms are located. There is a handrail at the stairs, its walking surface is carpeted so it does not slip.
The elevator comfortably accommodates a wheelchair user, plus one person. The call buttons are at the right height for independent use, but the elevator does not have Braille writing or beeps.

Upstairs there is a playroom, which can also be recommended for autistic people as a quiet retreat.

The accessible room can be used with an electronic card. The interior is spacious, the beds are easily accessible from both sides, their height is adequate, next to the beds there is an emergency call with an extra 2 meters of cord extension.
The toilet and bath for the room are in one space. The shower is borderless and there is a fold-down handrail on both sides of the toilet seat.

The hotel has two additional accessible apartments, which are a two-minute walk from the main entrance through the parking lot. The apartments are spacious with a minimum threshold. The kitchen and living room are easy to walk around, the threshold of the door from the living room to the terrace is the 2 cm height that can be undertaken. The two bedrooms are the same, with 2-2 beds, the height of which is 6-8 centimeters lower than that of the accessible rooms in the hotel. The beds are accessible only from one side, next to them we have about 80 centimeters of space.
The bathroom and toilet are in the same airspace. The shower is equipped with a minimum of deepening due to the drainage, this is not a problem with a wheelchair. The toilet handrails are sufficiently accessible. The mirror can be tilted in any accessible toilet.

There is also an accessible toilet and shower in the area of the campsite next to the apartments.

The hotel does not have separate accessible parking. But at our suggestion, the parking lot closest to both the entrance to the hotel and the apartments is expected to be made accessible by the end of summer 2022. We'll check.

Getting there:
By car: about 30 minutes from Pécs. In Harkány, turning left from Kossuth Lajos street the hotel is located on Bartók Béla road. Parking in the hotel area is free of charge for 15 minutes for anyone who comes to inquire, but there is also a parking lot for each room.

By bus: the bus departs from Pécs to Harkány from the long-distance bus station. The journey time is about 40 minutes, you have to get off at the Bartók Béla street stop in Harkány. There is an accessible crosswalk here, the quality of the pavement is adequate, so we can reach the hotel within a 6-8 minute walk.


7815 Harkány, Bartók Béla u. 1
Near Pécs
Accessible Toilet

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