A Szent István tér felől az épületről egy nagyobb kép. Gyönyörűszép régi épület, kovácsoltvas erkéllyel, régi ablakokkal, boltíves bejárattal.

House of Civil Communities

The House of Civil Communities is an important partner of ours, as it acts as an umbrella organization and hosts and supports many NGOs in Pécs. We too, as the People First Association's “Innclusive” community space is located in a separate small building of the House of Civil Communities, which can be found here in the database.

The House of Civil Communities is located in the historic centre of Pécs, perhaps in the most beautiful square in Szent István Square in front of the Cathedral, which some refer to as Cathedral or Dom Square. It is operated by the Nevelők Háza Association. The house serves as a venue for the implementation of cultural-public education, pedagogical, equal opportunities and non-profit professional programs.
A good example of accessibility of old, monumental buildings. The beautiful main building has an accessible entrance from the garden. Don't be scared, this is not the rear entrance situation that we don't like, here we through the main gate we reach the accessible entrance to strollers and wheelchairs opening from the garden by a small climb. There is also an accessible toilet for all your needs. On the left there is an accessible conference and event hall, and on the right you can access the old beautiful halls of the main building, also without hindrance.
The guest rooms in the attic of the House of Civil Communities are not accessible.
The visually impaired are also helped in the new part of the building with Braille writing, unfortunately these are missing in the old part. There are no guide lanes. There is no induction loop for hearing impaired people.
The café in the courtyard of the House of Civil Communities is currently not accessible, but we have a promise from the operator for a ramp with our help. 

Getting there:
by bus: almost all buses stop at the Árkád Shopping Centre, most of which are accessible. From there, you have to walk to the Dom/ Szent István Square on Irgalmasok or Ferencesek Street, which is a 10-minute walk with a small climb up Irgalmasok Street, but without hindrance.
It is more convenient to arrive by buses e.g. 30, 31, 32, 130, 34, 35, and to get off at Barbakán Square. From here, walking down Esze Tamás Street, the main entrance is 5 minutes away.
by car: the historic downtown of Pécs is a traffic-calmed area, entry is only possible with permission. However, according to the traffic regulations, a disabled person with a disabled ID card can enter the protected zone and wait there without any time limit if his/her destination is in the zone. So you can park in front of the house if your condition justifies it.
But with a small walk 3 accessible parking lots were painted in Széchenyi Square on the corner of the Nagy Lajos high school, and 2 accessible parking lots next to the court. From there it's a five- to six-minute walk.
Otherwise, there are parking spaces in Barbakán Square that are not marked as accessible.


7624 Pécs, Szent István tér 17
Accessible Toilet

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