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Market Hall

The residents of Pécs and the surrounding area were waiting a lot for it and at the beginning of July 2022 the new Market Hall of Pécs finally opened. It is located near the city center next to the old market hall and the long-distance bus station. It became big, it became beautiful, it became transparent, it became bright... and became barrier-free. 

Our expert team visited the Pécs Market Hall in August 2022. We toured the building together with the management of the Market Hall, who were very open to improving accessibility and helping people with disabilities, which we thank you for again. 

Our opinion on the new Market Hall is as follows:

The building is extremely imposing from the outside, next to the northern main entrance from the bus station there is the barrier-free entrance, which opens automatically. It is also the emergency exit.  The barrier-free entrance is marked with a clearly noticeable pictogram. The automatic door can be opened by pressing a freestanding green button, but you need to be patient for a couple of seconds, because it opens rather slowly. At our suggestion, this will be clearly indicated by the management of the Market Hall in the near future. All other north side front doors are also stairless.
In the nice little square in front of the main entrance from the bus station, there is a cobblestone around the fountain, this can be difficult for those arriving in a manual wheelchair, but it can be bypassed. A much bigger problem is the guide lane for the visually impaired, which currently leads straight into the window rather than the main entrance. Here the section leading to the entrance was missed, which we also indicated to the management and promised to replace it as soon as possible.

There is a staircase in front of the entrance doors on the west side, at the top of which a signal bar has been created for the visually impaired to indicate the difference in level. The guide lane on the sidewalk under the stairs no longer leads, however, the use of a sound map helps to access the designated barrier-free entrance from the direction of the bus stops in the vicinity of the hall. At our request, a special sign will soon help you find your way around the north barrier-free entrance.

The interior is transparent, spacious, and between the traditional market counters you can comfortably roll with a wheelchair. In the interior counters and smaller shops are divided by type of goods, here it is also convenient to get around with a wheelchair and this division can also help people with other disabilities. 

In the east back side is the buffet section, where the two front tables were made specifically for wheelchair users, but we also saw it as a favorite of the children. With an electric wheelchair our feet do not fit under the table, with a manual chair it is just right. 

In case of any questions,customer service is available, which is located in the eastern part of the hall, in the back. Help is needed to get here, as its door is not automatic. However, in the hall at each location there are constantly security guards and market inspectors who are also available in this. Further access to customer service is barrier-free. 

For the visually impaired, all inscriptions throughout the hall are in Braille. Guide lanes are nowhere to be found indoors, this was replaced by 3 sound maps in the "Akadálymentesítés" (Accessibility) menu of the Market Hall website, only in Hungarian. The sound maps tell us about accessibility, the interior, and the overview map in detail. Free wi-fi is available in the Market Hall area for undisturbed use, but the sound maps can be downloaded in mp3 file.

In the middle back area of the Market Hall there is an accessible toilet, which is indicated in several places. The key to the accessible toilet can be requested from the employee who posts there all the time. The fee for using the toilets is 200 HUF, including the accessible toilet. The toilet itself meets all accessibility needs, and there is also a changing room in it. At our request, a tilting mirror will also be installed in it in the near future.

The website of the Pécs Market Hall is easily accessible with a separate Accessibility menu (Hungarian).

Getting there:
by bus, there are also 3 bus stops right next to the Pécs Market Hall. The one on the west side (from the Fordan Hotel) is completely barrier-free, the bus stop has a display showing the arrival of buses, which at the touch of a button loudly announces the arriving buses to the visually impaired. A few meters away, bus stops right in front of the old market hall, and on the other side of the bus station on the east side can also be used, but the sidewalk is bumpy, difficult to walk, the ramps leading to the sidewalks are very steep, there is no display at the bus stops.

Next to the Pécs Market Hall there is a long-distance bus station. A description of this can also be found in our database in the category "Public institutions" under the name Long-distance bus station

By car, there are 4 barrier-free parking lots around the Pécs Market Hall. Two just in front of the main northern entrance from the bus station, their use is free of charge. Two on the east side, they can be taken for one hour for free, after which you have to pay.


7622 Pécs, Zólyom utca 4.
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