A Rózsakert gyönyörű kertjéről egy részlet. Akadálymentes járdák, ápolt gyep, még kicsi rózsatövek mindenütt. Szemben egy régi ház látszik, előtte napernyők alatt asztalok, székek.


The Rózsakert/Rosarium or Rose Garden is an emblematic, beautiful rose bower of Pécs in the middle of the city, on the corner of Cathedral Square.
It has always functioned as a restaurant, it was extremely popular among Pécs residents and tourists, generations reveled and danced here in summer. Then it closed in 2010 and we had to wait a very long time for it to reopen.
The reason for the long wait was that a previously unknown early christian tomb, the Cella Trichora (three-lobed chapel) was unearthed in the garden. The silhouette of this can also be seen in the park, highlighted in black colour in the floor covering. The current owner is the Diocese of Pécs, the Rose Garden has been nicely renewed in their care, and most importantly for us, it has become barrier-free.

Imagine a large, open public park where many roses are already growing, but in a few years they will truly dazzle you with their beauty and fragrance.
There are three places to enter the park:
on the old staircase from Janus Pannonius Street.
Next to it, an information center and souvenir shop were created on the site of the former famous "Papucs/Slipper" pub (former chapter wine cellar) through a spiral staircase. There is no elevator here.
The barrier-free entrance is located from Cathedral Square, where wheelchair and stroller access is possible on the ramp next to the wide staircase. Unfortunately, we consider the ramp to be very steep.

In the garden we are greeted by a beautiful sight. The winding pavements are completely smoothly compacted gravel and barrier-free. Next to the wall, there is a covered area where you can find shade or shelter from the sudden summer showers, but sun-umbrellas also protect guests above the other tables. Service at the small pavilion in the corner, its counter is unfortunately not accessible from a wheelchair. The offer is street food-like, we tried it, it is very tasty.

The toilet is very nice, modern, there is also an accessible toilet that satisfies all needs, at the entrance with a threshold of about 2 cm. But.......when we were there (June 2023), the accessible toilet functioned as a staff washroom, there was no barrier-free icon on the door or at the entrance outside. And, unfortunately but not surprisingly, the toilet for wheelchair users is used as a depot. We reported this serious problem to the manager, who promised that by July 2023 they will be able to free the toilet from the equipment still used for construction and remodeling. We will check back as soon as they are unpacked.

There is no accessible icon or separate accessible interface on the website. If you are visually impaired, the title page and menu items are perfectly legible, but the Products menu item is useless because the pictures are not captioned for blind people (we inform the maintainer that that there is a simple technical option for this, which we recommend using).

Getting there:
by car, barrier-free parking on Széchenyi Square in front of and next to the Court is 2, next to Nagy Lajos High School there is 1

by bus, it is worth getting off at the Árkád mall and coming up to Széchenyi Square on Irgalmasok Street, then turning towards the Cathedral/Sétatér on Janus Pannonius Street. The Irgalmasok Street rises a little. The route is barrier-free, there are also guide lanes for blind people.


Janus Pannonius utca 10., Pécs, Hungary
Accessible Toilet

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