Szent György Hostel

Our wheelchair acquaintances have stayed here several times, but it is not completely perfect, but rather pretty much barrier-free, usable accommodation.
Located a little further from the city centre, it is a pleasantly familiar hostel and restaurant.

The side entrance is accessible, the restaurant is spacious.
A 20-centimetre staircase leads to the terrace, it is promised to make it accessible in the near future.

On the first and second floors there are one-one accessible room: on the first level there are double beds, on the second level there are two single beds. The toilet is not standard, but it can be turned around, there is no handrail, but it promises to be remodeling the hotel shortly and making it more accessible.

Unfortunately, until the end of 2022 there were no positive changes in accessibility.

There is a comfortable elevator between the levels.

Getting there:
by buses 21, 23Y, 24, 4 to "Megyeri tér" or "Kandó Kálmán utca" stops. Both stops are 4-500 metres away on foot. Sidewalks are not accessible.

by car from road 6 from Megyeri út-Nagyvárad út, or from road 6 from Szabadság út-Kolozsvár utca. There is no accessible parking place.




7623 Pécs, Nagyvárad u. 23.
Accessible Toilet

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