A Tettye vendéglő kertjében kék és fehér kockás abroszokkal terített asztalok vannak, és fehér székek narancssárga kerek ülőpárnákkal Az asztalok felett zöld színű ponyvák vannak, amiket fehér lábak tartanak. Az asztalok között van egy keskeny járda csík, ami az étterembe vezet. A helyszín fákkal van körülölelve.

Tettye Restaurant

Tettye is one of the most interesting parts of Pécs, it tells a lot about the former city.
In the beautiful, charming square, the Tettye Restaurant has played an important role for many-many years. It was/is a popular place for former large urban "Majális" (traditional summer-start celebration in May), and city hikers and walkers.
The main attraction of the restaurant is still its wonderful garden, where many people holding their wedding. Traditional and Swabian (German) dishes can be found on the menu.

The terrace is accessible, but at the entrance to the restaurant there are stairs.
Waiters willingly bring a well-used but very steep ramp.
The interior is comfortable.

There is an accessible toilet, although far it is from perfect, the handrail is in the wrong place for the time being.

Getting there:
by buses 31 and 33,  get off in "Tettye tér", right in front of the restaurant. The pavement is not accessible

by car it can be reached on Magaslati út, it is worth parking in front of the restaurant although there is no accessible parking. Accessible parking is next at the bottom of Tettye Square, on Böck J. Street, it is quite steep to walk up.


Tettye tér 4,
Accessible Toilet

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