A vendégház főépülete a Boltok utcájában. Gyönyörű, régi, kétszintes épület az utca teljes hosszában. Alul boltocskák, a belső utcára napvitorlák borulnak a nyári napot kivédeni, az emeleten találhatóak a vendégszobák.

Zsolnay Guesthouse

The Zsolnay Guesthouse is located in the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter - recognized as a Hungaricum -, among the monumental buildings of the former world-famous porcelain factory, in a beautiful park. (Hungarikum is a collective term indicating a value worthy of distinction and highlighting within a unified system of qualification, classification, and registry and which represents the high performance of Hungarian people thanks to its typically Hungarian attribute, uniqueness, specialty and quality. More about this: What is Hungarikum? | Collection of Hungarikums – Collection of Hungarian Values)
The Zsolnay Cultural Quarter itself is a speciality, it offers many interesting things, attractions and exciting programs, it is worth exploring everything here already if you stay in the guesthouse. The historic downtown of Pécs is 10 minutes away on foot from here, the sidewalks are barrier-free, and a bicycle path leads to the beginning of Király street. You can also read more about the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter in our database here: Zsolnay Cultural Quarter | People First

The Guesthouse is located on the "Street of shops" of the Zsolnay Quarter, curiously, that this building once housed the apartments of factory workers. In the cozy building, the rooms are simply but fully equipped with everything, a detailed description can be read on their website in Hungarian, English and German.
The 11-room guest house has one accessible apartment in which 2 people can stay. The apartment can be reached without hindrance from the entrance on Major street, both on foot and by car.

The accessible apartment with kitchen-living room, bedroom and bathroom-toilet division is located somewhat separately from the main building of the guest house, in the entrance to the so-called "Kaolin" courtyard, on the ground floor, directly accessible from the walking floor by wheelchair.
In front of the apartment there is one accessible parking space directly (about 15 meters from the entrance). The road leading to here can be walk-in without problems with an electric wheelchair, with a manual wheelchair some help is needed, as there are some inclines at times. The paved terrain in most of the promenades of the Zsolnay Quarter has ribbed pavement to help the visually impaired, but the tactile sign is unnecessarily winding in places or leads to nothingness. It is particularly problematic that the guide lane does not lead to the central information, but avoids it on a swirling route.
There is also no guide lane in the guesthouse area. 

The reception of the guesthouse is located on the 2nd floor of the museum department of the Zsolnay Quarter, you can only get here unhindered by the elevator at the end of the  mediterranean “Kaolin” courtyard which is beautiful, full of statues and plants. The elevator can accommodate one wheelchair user, there is no loudspeaker for the visually impaired, but Braille writing does. Up to the elevator, through the “Kaolin” courtyard, the paving stones are more bumpy, right in front of the elevator it is currently fragmented, forming a serious obstacle with a wheelchair, stroller, arriving as visually impaired or for elderly people. Repairs are ongoing. The space in the reception room is cramped with a wheelchair, access to the counter is tricky. There is no Braille writing, information board, induction loop. There is no other way to get to the reception barrier-free than the elevator, and at 18.00 not only the reception, but also the elevator closes, you have to pay attention to this as a guest!

The accessible apartment is pleasant, large, and upon entering it we immediately get to the kitchen-living room space. A wheelchair can comfortably fit here, but we found the dining table too low with an electric wheelchair. The doors leading from the living room to the bedroom and bathroom are sliding doors with handles.
The doors to the bedroom and bathroom are wide, there are no thresholds. There are two separate beds in the bedroom, the beds for wheelchair users are currently a bit low. There is no alarm bell in the bedroom. The bath will meet all your needs, in the spacious shower without a tray there is a wall-mounted shower chair. The height of the washbasin and toilet bowl is appropriate. Around the toilet, the handrails are regular, there is an emergency bell in the bath.
In the apartment light switches and plugs are located at a suitable height. There is no Braille writing, information board, induction loop in the apartment.

The website of Zsolnay Guesthouse is accessible to read, but it lacks an accessible menu or icon that helps visually impaired and other people with disabilities to review. There is no description of the accessible apartment in the "Rooms" submenu of the "About the Accommodation" menu, which we strongly miss. There is only one sentence about the accessible apartment in the "Guesthouse" submenu of the "About the accommodation" menu. As a visually impaired person, the menus can be followed well, the descriptions are also clearly legible, but the pictures are not captioned, which is also a shortcoming.

Getting there:
by bus with lines 2, 2/A, 60, 4, 104, 13, 15, 14, 102, 20, 21, 120, 30Y, 60. You have to get off at the "Zsolnay negyed" stop and target the entrance at Major street, where an accessible sidewalk leads with a guide lane. The buses are barrier-free, the bus stop, zebra is barrier-free, but the light does not give a sound signal to the visually impaired. From the bus it takes about 3 minutes to get to the entrance on Major street.

by car, it is worth parking your car in the parking garage building, which is located right next to Route 6, turning it off, with several accessible parking spaces. From the parking garage  you can use the elevator at the foot of the bridge to get to the bridge and roll over it to enter the quarter. The bridge  over the road itself is also worth an experience, it is a cool tourist attraction!
There are also accessible parking lots in the Zsolnay Quarter, a total of 16 pieces. An accessible parking lot is also available directly in front of the accessible apartment.


Pécs, Felsővámház u. 52, 7626
Accessible Toilet

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