5th May: European Day on Independent Living

We publish an event organized by Daniel Csángó:

Let’s Celebrate the European Day on Independent Living!

In 2014, the European Network on Independent Living – ENIL, on the 25th anniversary of its existence, announced May 5th as the European Day on Independent Living. On this occasion, we set up a super event. 😀

What is Independent Living?
Independent Living means that persons with disabilities can decide freely on issues that affect their lives, so they are in charge instead of others.
The first and most important thing to achieve an independent lifestyle is that every person can get quality support in everyday life. The service created for this is called Personal Assistance, where an assistant supports a person with disabilities, acting as “extended arms and legs” and, if necessary, also providing support for decisions.

We are working on the introduction of this system with the support of the European Network on Independent Living – ENIL.

European Parliament elections are coming. On this occasion, we will formulate messages for the candidates and members of the European Parliament.
Join us, make your voice be heard, your opinion matters!

– short film screening and discussion about Personal Assistance
Gifie photography and message writing for European Parliament elections
European Network on Independent Living – ENIL Live streaming
– surprise announcement
– drinks, food, networking

Further details will be sent continuously on Facebook in English too:https://www.facebook.com/events/421531965276947/


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