Another way to solve your own problems

We highly recommend to your attention another opportunity that has just started to take the problems affecting you into your own hands. It can even be used in accessibility announcements!

A civil initiative that has been successfully operating nationwide for a long time has also become available in Pécs.
Find and report a problem!

Volunteer case managers in Pécs connect city residents with the municipality and public utility providers to solve troublesome problems in public spaces.

tHE is a solution-oriented and transparent citizen customer service that aims to enable anyone to contribute to the quality of our environment with their reports, making our homes cleaner, tidy, safer and more beautiful.

The service has been operating since 2012 and solves about 6,000 cases a year. The Power of Humanity Foundation and Járókelő operate the Pécs interface in partnership. The popularity of this public space fault reporting page for city dwellers lies in its simplicity.

Read more about all this here:…/elindult-a-pecsi-jarokelo…/
and on the Járókő page, you can even immediately report a case:

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