II. Barrier-free Tourism Day in Orfű 08.09.2018.

Members of our association took a serious role in organization of II. Barrier-free Tourism Day 2018: we were present by the organisation, marketing, collecting and sensitization volunteers, transport of handicapped participants and we provided programs too. Of course we participated in a large number in the event!

This event had been organised for the first time last year and  it was very successful this year too. Hundreds of participants came, even from the furthest places from the country, to attend at this very special event. The purpose of this program is to draw people’s attention to disappear the gap between disabled people and healthy people and encourage them the mutual acceptance. The Barrier-Free Tourism Day is offering a lot of touristic and sport possibilities to people who never had the chance to try these before. Disabled people could experience barrier-free cycling, riding on motorbikes and motorboats, driving a car for visually impaired, canoeing, riding on a horse and even fishing. Also participants could enjoy music and other performances as well as gastronomic specialties. Several events have been implemented from free offering and almost 30 volunteers helped the attendants during the event.

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