The Pécs City Civic Framework is open again

It is a great pleasure when NGOs in Pécs ask the city government for something and it is implemented within a short time. This happened last year, when several civil society organisations at the Civil Forum asked for city funding to be made available through tenders. The reason for this is that many NGOs work for the people of Pécs, for those in need, often carrying out activities that the state or the municipality cannot or cannot adequately provide. A number of exemplary initiatives have been/are being implemented in Pécs by NGOs.

Last year’s Pécs City Civic Framework will continue this year, with a little more money available for applicants. It is a great achievement that – also at the request of Pécs civic activists – the call for applications was launched at the beginning of the year. The application method has also been improved, with the House of Civic Communities playing a major role as coordinator.

Listen to the PécsTV news report about this, in which, to our great delight, People First is featured prominently. Thank you PécsTV!

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