Barrier-free Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can also be barrier-free.
We can help you plan by recommending pleasant barrier-free places in or around Pécs. You can also use our Barrier-free Pécs Database, which you can access by clicking the right button on every page of our website.

💘🍜Click here if you think Valentine’s Day is also a great opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal together in a restaurant, without any barriers:

💘☕🍰Click here for a coffee on a soft pink cloud with a cookie:

💘🌿It’s so much fun to talk during a walk or a hike, click here if you’re planning to do so on 14 February:

💘🎭But a movie, theatre or other experience is also a real experience for two. Here are some barrier-free ideas:

💘🎁You know what? Even shopping together isn’t a bad Valentine’s Day activity. Here are some ideas:

Let us know how your Valetin day went! Or if you spent this holiday in another accessible location, we’d love to hear about that too, we have a place for it in our database.

By the way, did you know that Valentine is not only the patron saint of lovers, but also of people with mental illness and epilepsy?
In fact, even in ancient Rome, it was a day of fertility celebrations and a prophecy of matchmaking.
So let’s celebrate, have a great Valentine’s Day!

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