An international group spreads the word about our “Hidden city”

“I never used to care about what was going on behind my back, but while sitting in a wheelchair it has become the most important thing”
“Somehow it never occurred to me that you not only have to go up a ramp, but also down. And it’s scary in a wheelchair”
“I will look at the world in a completely different way after trying the white cane”
A large international team is taking home these experiences by trying our Hidden City Tor-Tour once again. (

Once again, they will pass on to many people those useful experiences that are not enough to say, they must be lived!

The team, coming from several countries, participated in a conference entitled “Disabilities and abilities framed by context” in the framework of the EDUC project of the University of Pécs. At this conference Veronika Pataki, president of our association, presented our Accessible Pécs Database ( to the international audience. The additional programme of the conference (MICE) was the Hidden City Tor-Tour in the evening, led by our vice-president Gergő Berkes in his usual uplifting mood.

On the next day of the conference, we launched a series of discussions with the faculty of the University of Pécs and three invited NGOs, including People First, in the framework of the EDUC programme. The topic of this discussion was the cooperation of several international universities in the development of their services, with a special focus on inclusion.
We look forward to continuing this!


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