We have been invited to the Day of the City Pécs

The People First Association was also invited to the ceremonial general meeting held on the occasion of the Day of the City Pécs. This festive day is 1. September every year in honor of the fact that Hungary first university was founded in Pécs on 1. September 1367. It is also the Day of Hungarian Higher Education.

It was an uplifting feeling to be a citizen of Pécs at the National Theatre of Pécs, listening to the mayor’s speech, which is finally nonpolitical and encourages cooperation and understanding of each other’s values. Art spots were also an experience. We were able to applaud really excellent people at the ceremony of the Pécs city awards, we warmly congratulate you all!

However, the most valuable thing for us that we could meet on the city’s celebration the other NGOs working selflessly for Pécs. We hope, after that, we civilians will become more and more important in the thinking of the town hall.

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