We inaugurated accessible tourism consultants

Accessible tourism peer-counselors and trainers have been introduced to close the three-year Peer-AcT project. The project implemented by the five countries creates development in a niche area in Hungary: on the one hand, it distributes accessible tourism itself, and on the other hand it involves those who know best about this area: the people with disabilities themselves!

We are so lucky that all this is happening in Pécs in Hungary. The People First Association has trained 10 certified peer consultants in professional training who can work as professional consultants in tourism organizations, decision-makers, local government, domestic and international projects. 

Based on the two training methods developed in the international project, the People First Association will in the near future train additional peer experts from people with disabilities, and together with our current peer-consultants we will provide training for tourism experts on accessible tourism.
From January next year, our consultants will hold consulting hours on a monthly basis at specific times in our “Innclusive” Community Space, where they can be asked about accessible tourism and independent living. 

We will not stop doing niche research on the travel habits of people with disabilities, we would like to continue to cooperate with the excellent experts of The University of Pécs Tourism and Marketing Institute.

If you are interested in training as a disabled person or as a tourism organization you would like to provide truly (!) accessible services, we look forward to your request here: pfpecs@gmail.com

A little more about the Peer-AcT project in English: Peer-Act Erasmus+ KA2 International Project | People First

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