Strengthening Civil Organisations 2019 – SCO/ECK (with cooperation of Open Society Foundations)

The project’s name:

If there’s no barrier, we’re coming too! 🙂 project

About the project in a nutshell:

The problem that the project offers to deal with:

Accessibility is a basic problem for disabled people, especially when by the society barrier-free declared areas are from disabled perspective not barrier-free.  Disabled people must have the chance and right to live with the same qualities of life as able bodied people. It is not acceptable that they are excluded from certain areas of life by cause of their disabilities.

Turism for example is a quality of life improvement but to the disabled people closed area which would be just as important to them owing to freetime activities, medical reasons and community boosters. It is visible that this topic is important because in the current tourism researches don’t have any role the barrier-free tourism.

Our goal with this project is to let disabled people take part in a narrower and broader interpretation of tourism, exploration of areas which are not experienced by  disabled or just very rarely.

The sensitization and involvement of society is very important. We would like to take part in tourism with our able bodied partners not without.

The goal of the project:

Spending free time effectively in barrier-free circumstances in Pécs and nearby, with social inclusion.

– Organizing the 3rd Barrier-free Tourism Day, making it international and more known, sensitization of the society

– Exploration of barrier-free tourist routes and making them more popular, making it a part of the city’s marketing and local tourism, involving the population

– Giving advice to sport and event organizer agencies, offices, schools in barrier-free touristic/sport topics by our professionally prepared disabled colleagues. Giving advice how to make accomodations in Orfű and Cserkút barrier-free.

– It is important to influence the city’s marketing by the sight of disabled people, the innovation, this serves the above mentioned activities the “Hidden City downtown guidance from barrier-free sight” project component, where our members give experiences to tourists and local interesteds (schools, organizations, local residents).

Thank you all, ECK/SCO!

The mid-term report can be read in Actions menu!