Aktion Mensch – InnClusive: independent living center in Pécs

Project title:
Establishment of an Independent Living Support Centre for people with disabilities in Pécs

Duration of project:
01.07.2021. – 30.06.2024.

Aktion Mensch

Project summary:
As part of the german Aktion Mensch application, the People First Association – Pécs and its German partner VSBI will jointly set up a Centre for Independent Living in Pécs. The centre is an accessible counselling and meeting point for people with disabilities, their relatives and cooperating partners.Based on VSBI’s concept and experiences, the centre provides training, information and advice to the target group.

Target group: people with various disabilities in Pécs, as well as public and private actors

Project activities:

  • Establishing an accessible meeting point in cooperation with the House of Civil Communities in its separate building in the courtyard.
  • Independent living counseling and training by peer-counselors 
  • Building a network of supporters for independent living and establishing a peer-counseling system
  • Providing general information and holding public events with cooperating partners
  • Providing advice on independent living, accessibility and inculsion to people with disabilities and their relatives
  • Developing a person-centred independent living model, networking with other actors and self-representative organisations in Hungary..
  • Organisation of a regional conference on results.

The main objective is to strengthen social inclusion under the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, in order to improve the independent living of disabled persons, to ensure their own choice of housing, and social participation.

This requires increasing the information provided to people with disabilities, civil society and public administrations about the UN Convention, inculsion, in particular the right to independent life, access to personal assistance, community services, strategic, implementation and financing models.

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