A Pepita épülete kívülről. Sokszögletű, aranyos kis épület, kétszintes, a teteje Zsolnay cserepekből készült. Körben mindenhol ablakokból állnak a falak.

BeFogadó/InnClusive community space

The People's First Association's own inclusive community space is the BeFogadó, in English InnClusive, which is located in one of the most beautiful city parks of Pécs the Balokány Grove, in a beautiful environment.
The park is also referred to as the "green heart of Pécs", in the middle of which stands a polygonal building, the Pepita. Here we found a large and comfortable place for our InnClusive community space. In addition to the People First Association, the venue is home to several NGOs, creating great partnerships with this.

Access to the Pepita building is barrier-free, with only minimal thresholds at the entrance, which can be easily bridged by wheelchair.
The lower level inside is spacious, you can comfortably roll, turn, and access the tables with a wheelchair. The area below can comfortably accommodate about 50 people.
There is also a buffet here, the counter of which is accessible from a wheelchair.
In a separate small space smaller meetings can be held, this area is also accessible.
Pepita is a building with an interesting architecture with a polygonal, high, peaked interior design. In the space above there is a gallery, where we find two offices and several pleasant little corners. In the space above can accommodate another 20-30 people. However, you can only get to the gallery by stairs.

On the lower level there is a men's, a women's, and separately a very large, conveniently accessible toilet. Next to its door, the inscription is written in Braille. The toilet is properly designed, a booster seat is also available, with handrails on both sides. The washbasin is arched. There is an alarm bell in the toilet. There is also a folding diaper table.

There is no guide lane for the visually impaired in the building, and the room does not have an induction loop (yet).

In August 2023, with the cooperation of NGOs working in Balokány Grove, a pleasant buffet terrace was completed in the shady part next to the building, part of which is barrier-free. That's barrier-free space enough for one table for now, but we're working on expanding it in the future.
There is also a terrace on top of the Pepita building, which can only be reached by stairs.

Balokány Grove, as mentioned, is a popular city park, which is completely barrier-free. In front of the Pepita building there is a stage built on the water of the lake, which can be accessed barrier-free through a permanent ramp. There are auditorium benches around the stage.
In the middle of the grove there is a beautiful lake inviting visitors, in the middle of which there is a fountain in the summer. It is also planned that from the summer of 2023 a boating facility will also start on the small lake.
A newly built playground in one corner of the grove will delight families with young children. There are no specially accessible gaming devices in it.
From the spring of 2023, the old tramcar commemorating the former tram transport in Pécs will be located in the Balokány Grove, which will also be integrated into our programs. And why is the tram placed here? Because the Balokány Grove was one of the terminal points of the old tram transport in Pécs.

The entire building and the park can be used accessible and independently even for disabled people. There is no guide lane in the park for the visually impaired.

You can find out all about the BeFogadó/Innclusive here: https://peoplefirst.hu/en/befogado/
We welcome not only people with disabilities, but everyone to our programs! Our programs can be followed on the Facebook page of the InnClusive: InnClusive

Getting there:
by bus, there are many, many buses that stop right in front of Balokány Grove, you have to get off at the “Zsolnay Negyed” bus stop. Buses arriving here: 2,2a,102,60,60y,60a,4,4y, 104, 13,14,15, 20,21,121, 913
Almost all of the buses are accessible in Pécs.
Next to the bus stop, you can immediately take a staircase down to the Balokány-liget park. With a wheelchair, you can roll down to the park from the bus stop either towards the Kodály Center, or in the other direction, towards the University’s Faculty of Arts towards the overpass. Across the park you can see the Pepita building, we are waiting you there. This is 2 minutes from the bus stop.

on foot, from the city center come through 48-as tér, along the Tudásközpont and the Kodály center. The sidewalk is completely barrier-free, it is also equipped with guide lanes for the visually impaired. If you would like to come from the Árkád shopping center, we recommend the side opposite to the university with a wheelchair, stroller, it is barrier-free.

by car, you will find an accessible parking lot right next to the Pepita building, and another 4 pieces 20 meters away, in the rear parking lot of the Kodály Center. There are also a number of non-accessible parking lots in the front and back parking lots of the Kodály Center



7622 Pécs, Zsolnay Vilmos utca 12.
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