Az udvar romantikus részlete, előtérben egy épített kültéri kemencével. Háttérben a régi pajtaépület ami a recepciót, az ebédlőt és a közösségi teret rejti. Előtte téglaburkolatú teraszon cserepekben nagyméretű növények, teraszbútorok, nagy hordó. Szemben az akadálymentes parkoló a kisházrész előtt. Az udvar füves, fás, bokros, nagyon kellemes.

Natúra Pension and Apartment House Orfű

Natura Pension and Apartment House is a beautiful accommodation with family atmosphere in one of the most popular tourist sites close to Pécs, in Orfű. The pension is located on the other side of the Mecsek Mountains compared to Pécs, in the picturesque surrounding the hills by the lakes of Orfű. It is suitable for active and passive holidays, families and disabled hotel guests. Out of the 46 seats the pension also has an accessible apartment for 2 people. Accessibility still has its shortcomings, however, the helpful attitude of the owner guarantees bug fixes in the near future.

Currently, as a disabled person, it is better to arrive at the pension by car, as it is possible to enter the courtyard all the way, where he is greeted by a wide, signposted barrier-free parking lot. However, those arriving by bus are currently able to get in with serious difficulties in a wheelchair due to the gravel-strewn ground in front of the gate and the high threshold of the gate entrance. The owner's promise is for a solid pavement at the gate on a stretch. 

Arriving at the garden of the pension we find ourselves in a very pleasant, woody-grassy, romantic garden with an outdoor oven. In the garden, wide sidewalks laid out with paving stones do not cause problems with wheelchairs. There are no tactile signs for the visually impaired.

The reception desk for those arriving in a wheelchair is too high, 120 cm, which does not allow easy communication. There is no induction loop for the hearing impaired.

Getting to the reception/dining room from the garden is a bit more problematic, as here we can cross the few centimeter high threshold with a wheelchair only with help. Here too we were promised to procure a ramp. After the threshold, we can get to the interior on a built ramp with a relatively slight inclination. 

The dining room is barrier-free, you can comfortably fit between the tables, and you can also put your feet under the table with an electric wheelchair. There is no accessible toilet in the dining room, and there are no tactile signs for the visually impaired.

There is currently only one outdoor mobile ramp in the courtyard, which makes it difficult to get around between the reception/dining room, the accessible apartment, and the communal space, as the ramp always has to be relocated. We hope to have permanent ramps installed for each site as soon as possible. 

The barrier-free double studio apartment is in a very nice part of the building, it can be approached from the courtyard, to which a built ramp with a pleasant inclination leads up. This 16 square meter apartment can comfortably accommodate a guest in a wheelchair and his helper. In the bedroom there are 2 relocatable beds, their height is 54 cm. The bedroom opens to the accessible bathroom. The washbasin isn't arched, but under the washbasin there was also room for our feet with an electric wheelchair. The toilet bowl can be used, but around it there are no standard handrails, there is only one wall handrail at the moment. The shower without a shower tray, equipped with a plastic chair, is convenient to use. The bathroom has an emergency bell.

Smaller events and workshops can be held in the community space. Stairs lead here, accessible from the outside only by a mobile ramp. There is no accessible toilet in this room. 

In the pension it is possible to use physiotherapy, manual therapy and massage service. 

The website of the pension is accessible, but our expert misses the accessible menu (font size, background, font color adjustment).

About accessible experiences in Orfű we wrote in our database here: Medvehagyma Ház | People First and here:Orfű | People First, discover these as well. 

Getting there:
by car from Pécs approx. 20 km. You can travel from two directions, from Uránváros, or from the city center starting on Hunyadi road towards the Pauline Church up the hill. Serpentine road!
Accessible parking is possible in the courtyard of the pension free of charge. In front of the pension, in public areas, there are another 10 free parking lots.
by bus from the long-distance bus station Pécs by Pécs-Orfű bus line. You have to get off at the bus stop  “Tekeres”, which is directly in front of the pension. 


T 7677 Orfű, Petőfi Sándor u. 3
Near Pécs
Accessible Toilet

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