3th Barrier-free Tourism Day

Driving a car as a vision impaired, motorcycle as a physically disabled, participate on sports-, and experience programs?

Yes, this is what we offer this year on 7th September in the third times held Barrier-free Tourism Day in Orfű (near Pécs).

All-day happy fest, events, market and besides opportunity to try activities that as disabled person you can’t at all or difficult. You can have fun as disabled and able bodied, as adult and child, while you can discover that the our injured fellow are same people like you, how can we help each other and help is a good feeling.

The event will be international this year. We will provide free lunch to the disabled people, assistants and volunteers, just as before.

The event’s main organizers are: Gyeregyalog.hu Association, People First Association, Orfű Tourism Association.

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