Closing report: “If there are no barriers, we’re coming too!” ECK project

Our main goal was with the ECK project was to make disabled people an active part of local society. We could reach that with all project elements.

The Barrier-free Tourism Day is increasingly well-known at national level and since 2019 in an international level too. New elements have been added, e.g. presentation of disability sports, involving a new location (sports camp), which have all made significant progress. In the organizing team disabled people are more and more active. The number of volunteers is constantly growing and expanded with new arrivals like students and high school students who are particularly keen to volunteer with us. Volunteers are important element of social sensitizing. 

Exploring barrier-free hiking  trails project element proved to be an excellent community-building activity within the association and the involvement of the local population was also successful in this project element. An unexpected effect was the strong media interest.

We developed a methodology to the Hidden city barrier-free guidance project element, and tried it on 6th of September with serious interest. It was also a great opportunity to build contacts with local populations and actors in tourism. The future continuation of the project element, the inclusion in the permanent tourist offers in Pécs proved to be a greater task than we thought, but the opportunity has arrived at the end of the project. We have also prepared to continue it in our international Peer-AcT Erasmus+ project.

A methodology has been developed also in Barrier-free advice project element. Here we are looking for additional partners, mainly lodgings in Pécs and the area around Pécs.

It was an important goal and impact in the whole project to make Pécs better and more livable.

ECK was the most complex project so far, which required a lot of work but thus brought satisfaction, recognition, external and internal success and brought new tasks. The greatest achievement is the increase in the activity and responsibility of the members.

It is difficult to highlight one as the best moment of the project, but since the best way to achieve the accessibility in our minds  with enjoyable, cheerfully performed sensitisation, the Hidden city barrier-free guidance can be highlighted. We really enjoyed it, and the participants too. It’s a pleasure to show our city, it’s a pleasure to work with good partners. This is part of accessible tourism, which will be of great emphasis in the life of our organization in the future. We have already had serious results, we can boast of many best practices in Hungary and abroad. This is the project element that demonstrated the best the internal professionalism, which draws attention to the fact that people with disabilities are equally people. In this case, they are equally qualified in terms of diploma, language skills, creativity, innovativeness and even humor.

Thank you ECK!

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