Even more so for the public. A summary of 2023.

Our most important event in 2023 is that our association has become a public benefit status. Why is this a big change? On the one hand, because from now on we will open up many of our (we think exciting) activities “to the public”, i.e. we will not only offer them to our members. On the other hand, many tender opportunities open up for us newly. And thirdly, supporting a public benefit organization is more suitable for a company or corporation in several respects. We hope that the latter will be possible in a novel framework in 2024. We are already working on it – not alone, of course, but in partnership.

The thinking in partnership has not changed, in fact it has strengthened in us. It is not easy to work as an NGO today in the socio-economic environment. But if we work together, we can still achieve much more results, a larger target group, a stronger impact.

Not only do we sustain ourselves, but we also build strategies, apply, grow and strengthen. In 2023, we took a deep breath and applied for the first time independently for the implementation of an international project, of which we are also coordinators. A serious task, a lot of new experience, again great new partnerships.

We are increasingly trying to communicate to our members that they are the best experts in their field, not others. They do not have to wait for solutions from outside, but they have to take the initiative, connect and do something for the betterment of their lives and environment.
Fortunately, there are many opportunities for this in Pécs. Whether to have an effective say in the affairs of the municipality or to jointly define goals, with funds that can be spent jointly. Even regular meetings with other organizations, experts, city leaders. Whether it’s the ability to report problems or make the city more accessible.
And there is our Barrier-free Pécs Database, the center of our activities. With this, we help a lot for those arriving from Pécs, Hungary and abroad in predictability and barrier-free tourism.
We felt too the general passivity this year. But People first, so we keep rolling and doing what we already know.

What we’ve been doing in 2023, showing you some numbers as usual:

  • We wrote or participated in the writing of 8 applications. These are both large international and smaller domestic tenders. 4 won, 1 is still waiting for the result.
  • Our membership could participate in international and domestic projects, learn about exciting good practices, build relationships, work, earn money, travel, even practice a foreign language, help with technical developments for people with disabilities.
  • We have built an international People First network.
  • We campaigned for 1% personal income tax (Hungarian option for NGOs) and barrier-free holiday destinations.
  • We organized international meetings, trainings, conferences in Pécs – and how difficult it was to find accessible restaurants in the city center! 🙁
  • We continued to update the Barrier-free Pécs Database with new locations and continuously followed the changes of older locations.
  • We actively participate in local civil life, thanks to the programs of the Local Equal Opportunities Program, the Civil Forums, the Pécs Tourism Roundtable, the civil meetings with ambassadors visiting Pécs, the Decide with us! participatory budget, Civil Selfie (and we must have forgotten some of them now)
  • Our BeFogadó/InnClusive community space in Balokány Park is still open to our members and the citizens of Pécs with programs, discussions and trainings.
  • We educate ourselves and build relationships, we also attend trainings, conferences, discussions, partner meetings.
  • We had a fantastic time with Style for everyone! fashion show, which was partly organized by us. Such a fashion show is sure to be needed, where models with disabilities show their beauty, at the same time joining forces and encouraging cooperation between companies and shops of Pécs.
  • The Barrier-Free Tourism Day in Orfű (near Pécs) was not missed this year either. We continue to be organizers, members of the organizing committee and enthusiastic participants of the national event.
  • We work with young people, give lectures, welcome university students, help write theses.
  • We go to concerts, exhibitions, fashion shows, festivals….

Do you like what we do? Come with us, get involved! Our Hidden City Tor-Tour, our BeFogadó/InnClusive community space, our projects are waiting for you… and so do we.😍 Become our member, let’s push the cart of 2024 together!
Contact us here: info@peoplefirst.hu
Check out the Projects, News and Barrier-free Pécs menus of our website, and of course the rest!

Happy New Year 2024! 🎉

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