Our laughing annual General Meeting

Serious things can also be spent in a good mood, and even enjoyed. Perhaps we can admit to ourselves that we are doing it right. 🙂
On a sunny Saturday afternoon on December 16. 2023, we gathered in our BeFogadó/InnClusive community space to hold our annual General Meeting. We met earlier because we wanted to establish good cheer with a little Christmas, gift-giving, and food and drink. Managed.

The main body of our association, the General Assembly, then heard the financial and professional report of the Presidency. Lively interest, accompanied by comments and questions, they accepted them.
Then a constructive, useful discussion developed about the association’s plans for 2024. Great ideas have been received, and implementation teams have already been created. Encouraging activity for 2024! 🙂

This year, the Presidency also gave a small gift to those present at the General Assembly. This came straight from America thanks to our board member. The lovely little Christmas tree ornament will bring smiles to faces in many People First homes this year.

At the end, we boosted the year-end-get-together at the Quiz Night organized by our partner organizations. Some of us stayed at the BeFogadó/InnClusive with our team, which of course was called People the First. We weren’t very productive, but we had a lot of fun laughing at ourselves to tears.


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