MANAGED! We have received a huge Christmas present from you!

Yesterday, our “Double Bet” campaign came to a successful conclusion. We would like to thank our supporters gratefully for helping us achieve our goal of collecting HUF 250,000, as this was the basis for the promoters to double this amount.

In the end, 251.313 HUF was collected!

So your support amounts are worth twice as much!

In particular, we would like to thank the Emberség Erejével Alapítvány/Power of Humanity Foundation for making this application possible. In this way, we not only received money, but also found new acquaintances, friends and, hopefully, future relationships and supporters. And we’ve gained valuable experience in campaigning.

We are grateful to the Webstar Group, all of its employees, who have raised a huge amount of money for us from employee support with the values of the local community in mind. We have to quote as they say, because they say it so well: “The kind of society we live in depends on us. From me and you, from the neighbor, from the gas station attendant, from the kindergarten aunt — all of us.”

The support will be used to maintain and expand our unique Barrier-free Pécs database, especially for the finally greater financial appreciation of the work of the professional team that created it. We will provide information on the use of the grant on our website and Facebook page.

We are pleased if you also take a look at the locations listed in the Accessible Pécs database and help the readers to get the most accurate information with your comments.

We wish you a very happy Holidays and that we can work together in the new year to make the world a better place!

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