Partner cooperation for the accessibility of Pécs

We held an employee sensitization on September 22. for the market inspectors and security service of the recently opened Pécs Market Hall.

The purpose of the informative discussion, initiated by the People First Association and held together with several of our partners, was to give employees an insight into how to help and how not to help customers with disabilities, what accessibility means and who cares about accessibility.

We would like to thank the participating employees and the management of the Market Hall for the openness with which they received the information of the following participating organizations: People First Association “sticker” team, Baranya County Association for the Disabled, Baranya County Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired, and See the World through autistic Eyes Association.

It was a great feeling that a relaxed, friendly, interactive conversation developed, and at the end of the practical demonstration in the hall, we already had a huge laugh together.

The management of the Market Hall and the kind employees were also open to the continuation, where they will be able to get to know some of the disability groups in more depth.

The joint sensitization was one of the very joyful developments in the series of discussions initiated by the TASZ about the accessibility of Pécs.
The People First Association has always been thinking in partnership because that’s the only thing we consider to be expedient and truly effective in our efforts for the city and the community.

As the next step, the People First Association invited its partners to review each location according to their own criteria in our Accessible Pécs database, using the “Write reviews” rubric. After all, as with, opinions are often the most informative for readers.
We asked our partners to write with the intention of improving and briefly, formulating their own experiences, ideas and suggestions.

Review is open to everyone, we are happy to receive as many comments as possible about the sites in the database!


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