Pécs Civic Concept is made

Two-and-a-half years of process, 3 civil forums, the involvement of 609 NGOs in Pécs, the unprecedented detailed analysis of the situation in Pécs – PÉCS CIVIC CONCEPT as a real bottom-up initiative has arrived in finis.

On November 30. 2021. Gábor Zag deputy mayor, dr. Márta Kunszt a civil councillor, and the Nevelők Háza Association invited the NGOs actively involved in the process to the banquet hall of the City Hall Pécs for a final professional consultation, after which the draft will be submitted to the general assembly.

In the last two and a half years, many of us have commented on the draft concept, many of us have shaped it, and the Nevelők Háza Association has agreed to compile the Civil Concept of the city of Pécs.

The concept is definitely good!
It involves partnerships with civilians from the city, more efficient public service tasks, urban volunteering.
Within the framework of the partnership professional working groups will be formed, a civil database will be created, an urban civic portal and a civil column will be established, there will be a Pécs Civil Citizens’ Day event, a Civil Tender Fund, the districts will be able to decide on their own developments, and a civil coordinator institution will start its work to coordinate the relations between the municipality and the civilians.

We look forward to the decision of the general assembly in December, and then to work with the municipality and our civil partners!

According to the promise of deputy mayor Gábor Zag, this concept certainly did not fall for the desk drawer. We think that we civilians should also do it, but as we saw, the organizations in Pécs are ready for action.

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