Proposals for review of the Local Equality Programme has been accepted

At the meeting of the General Assembly of Pécs on 8th December (online) has been accepted the document of the two-year review of the Local Equality Programme 2018-2023 (HEP).

In chapter 7, on the situation of people with disabilities 16 NGOs from Pécs worked together quickly and efficiently, doing excellent professional work. ????

The professional team will continue to meet regularly and report to each other on the fulfillment of the HEP commitment and the progress made, since we must not only describe but also implement the proposals to improve the situation of people with disabilities in Pécs.❗️

The current review file was discussed in advance by three committees and it was noted in the feedback that a very important and high-quality professional material had been compiled, and several members of the local government expressed their thanks. This is a great achievement and makes us very happy to recognize its importance.

Thank you, and based on this we look forward to working with the local gorvernment in the future.

The current HEP document can be found here, scrolling down to the Local Equality Program of the City of Pécs:


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