Our sticker project continues with community support!

We collected more than one million forints yesterday on 10th December 2020, at the online fundraising event “Live Broadcast” of the Pécs Community Foundation!! From the support we will continue and expand our Accessible Pécs database, which you can find here on our website.

The Live Broadcast is an adaptation of a worldwide successful fundraising event run by The Funding Network in London. We got into this year’s event in Pécs through a competition. The People First Association may have been one of the three lucky organizations to present their project to develop Pécs. We asked the people of Pécs to support our database of realy accessible locations in Pécs and its surroundings, which is of great help not only to people with disabilities, but also to everyone.

And they supported us! 🙂

We are very grateful, it was an extraordinary experience to attend such an event, to experience the cohesiveness of Pécs,  feel the support, and help! In the meantime it has forged us, the People First team, into a real community that helps each other.

It is literally an unaffordable pleasure for us to receive material and service support in addition to the many, many donations of money! We can be happy owners of a used, excellent printer/scanner and two digital cameras. As a printing service 600 of our stickers are printed at low prices by one of our supporters, and our excellent graphic designer partner prepares 10 professional Facebook posts for us for free.

Well… what else do we say? We’re out of the word!

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