Soul Mate – our new international project has been launched

We have launched an international project on a niche topic. On 13. December we held our first kick-off meeting with our German, Italian and Bulgarian partners in Berlin to discuss the tasks of starting the project.
First of all, we got to know each other, the activities of the various international organizations, their strengths, and the tasks undertaken in the project. We established a further work schedule and started working.

It will be a very exciting topic for our 3-year collaboration: the Soul Mate project will provide concrete support in preserving and strengthening mental health in the workplace for workers with disabilities. Of course, in close cooperation with employers.

We, the People First Association, basically provide the peer approach and experience in the project, and we will be the conscience of the project, constantly reminding of the principle of “Nothing about us without us”.

Here on our website you can read a little more about the Soul Mate project in the Projects menu: Soul Mate project
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