The international project linking art and disability has been launched

With today’s kick-off meeting, i.e. the distribution of tasks our international Erasmus+ project called ARTcoWorkers has begun.

The project is carried out in cooperation with four countries, aiming to combine art, creative industry – and disability, human rights, social inclusion. All this under the flag of the pandemic, as it is where now the arts/creative industry and people with disabilities are most needed help. Of course, the effects of the project are long-term.

Today’s meeting was originally scheduled to take place in Erfurt, Germany, but the pandemic intervened here too, so the project partners met online for the first time from Germany, Hungary, Macedonia and the Netherlands.

We will continue to develop the methodology, i.e. the theoretical background, and soon the PR team will meet on 17. May. It’s going to be a very exciting project, keep an eye on developments!

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