We finally got an answer from the Ombudsman

Last year on 31. July 2020. we sent a complaint to the Ombudsman. We indicated in it, that the practises of the institutions in Covid are very different. There are places where the elderly and disabled can be visited to this day, but in other places residents have to live locked for almost a year.

The Ombudsman waited almost for the end of the third wave of Covid. But at least he answered. At length, in detail, politely, but…..Just the requested guideline for the heads of institutions is missing, with wich they could make a prepared decision in future epidemics, they would not violet fundamental human rights and segregate groups of people.

You can read the history in our previous posts in the News menu.

The letter can be read in Hungarian: Intézményi bezártság Ombudsman válasz 2021.03.30.

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