The maintainer’s response to our letter on institutional closure

With the need for completeness – and because several of you have asked for it – we publish here the last piece of our correspondence on institutional closure of our members during the Covid epidemic, the answer of the maintainer, the Baptist Charity Centre in Budapest.

We find this kind of response to our letter offering help in a variety of ways and recommending a multilateral meeting deeply saddening. We will continue help our fellow in institutions on the principles of “nothing about us without us” and “people with disabilities are the best knowers and representatives of their own affairs”. The final solution will be the response to our petition to the ombudsman in July 2020, in which we asked the ombudsman to provide precise guidance to heads of institutions on how to proceed in similar crisis situations.

You can read the history in our previous posts in the News menu. The letters can be read in Hungarian.

Fenntartói válasz

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