The most cheerful conference!

We closed our ARTcoWORKers international project with a very fun, very interactive conference on March 30, 2023!
In the People First Association’s “InnClusive” Community Space 70 guests were curious about the closing event on the relationship between art and disability.
Thank you for being with us!

The final international conference was preceded by a five-day evaluation training discussing the future in InnClusive. German, Dutch, Macedonian and Hungarian artists, people with disabilities, and artists with disabilities were engaged in conversation, sewing teddy bears, making shadow plays, brainstorming, looking at the city, and eating a lot (because that’s Hungary!), while a great team was formed.

Let’s keep in touch with artists and people with disabilities after the project on the ARTcoWORKers Facebook page, in the Facebook group and on the communication Platform that will be created soon!

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