Already 85 locations in our barrier-free database!

Since 2018, our association has been tirelessly exploring the truly barrier-free locations of Pécs and its immediate surroundings. We describe what we saw about the locations grouped into 12 categories, illustrate them with many photos, show them on a map where exactly they are located, provide contact details to get more information. All this in both Hungarian and English.

We have now introduced 85 locations to make it easier to find accessible venues for residents and visitors.

Our team works on the basis of methodology, continuously strengthened by professional trainings.

You can find all information about the database here on our website under the Barrier-free Pécs menu.

The Accessible Pécs Database is made available free of charge to those looking for accessible venues. It is also free of charge for each site to explore. However, all this, of course, costs us money. Thank you if you support our niche work, even through the ADOMÁNYOZOK (DONATE) button on our website, with as much as amount of money you want. ❤️

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