We had lunch with the U.S. Ambassador

It was a huge honor for our association on 17. April 2023.
U.S. Ambassador David Pressman also met with NGOs during his visit to Pécs. During the working lunch, the People First Association also had the opportunity to introduce themselves and briefly exchange views with the Ambassador about the possibilities of civic life.

We are very pleased that, after the Dutch Ambassador, the American Ambassador also visited Pécs to get to know the point of view of Hungarians living in Baranya. Mr. David Pressman has expressed his commitment to continue to travel extensively around the country in order to meet as many opinions as possible.

As the Ambassador said: “It was wonderful to spend time with a diverse array of local community organizations working hard to ensure Hungarians from all walks of life have access to opportunities.”

More information about the visit can be found here: David Pressman’s visit to Baranya

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