We are updating the accessible locations of Pécs

Our sticker team is back at work, what does Covid matter to us! 🙂 Of course, we are only going to the locations that are accessible despite the epidemic.

Our professional team can continue its work thanks to the “Live Broadcast” community fundraising event of the Pécs Community Foundation. In other words, we have the support of the people of Pécs and who feel Pécs important.

In the first round we are updating the more than 60 locations in our Accessible Pécs database so that no one is surprised if you visit one of them. So far, however, we have only seen positive changes! Each change will be added to the database and reported on our Facebook page. Keep following us. We welcome your comments and questions!

You can find the Accessible Pécs database in English here: Barrier-free Pécs (EN)

You can read about sticker projects (and all our other projects) here: Our projects

And our Facebook page is available here: Facebook

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